SMAW Stick Electrodes

4830 Kb

High corrosion resistance and excellent weldability on both AC and DC+. The weld deposit is scale resistant up to 1000ºC


4455 Ti

Extreme stable arc on both AC and DC+ with no spatter losses. The slag is self lifting and leaves a fine rippled shiny surface.

AquaForce HR

AquaForce HR is a high recovery wet welding electrode that is double coated to offer maximum moisture and electrical resistance. AquaForce HR is able to produce beautiful flat filled welds with deep penetration without porosity. Filled welds exceeding an A height of 4,0 mm are easy to achieve in one single layer for high productivity. AquaForce HR can be used in all positions, especially suitable for vertical down (PG) position.


High basic offshore electrode according the latest offshore requirements for sub zero temperatures down to -60°C.  Suitable for steel types upto 550 N/mm2 yield strength, excellent welding properties and extreme low hydrogen content below 3 ml/100gr weld metal. The weldmetal is suitable for longer post weld heat treatments as applied in Riser applications.


9016-B9 is designed to weld equivalent ‘type T91’ T92 CrMo steels modified with small additions of Tungsten and Vanadium to give improved long term creep properties. These consumables are specifically intended for high integrity structural service at elevated temperature so the minor alloy additions responsible for its creep strength are kept above the minimum considered necessary to ensure satisfactory performance.

4501 Kb

Ceweld 4501 Kb is a basic coated electrode with a fully alloyed core, the duplex weld deposit provides exellent resistant to pitting, chloride stress corrosion cracking and intercrystalline corrosion due to the high CrMo(N) content (Pitting index >40). Furthermore, the weld metal alloy is saltwater-proof and offers high tensile strength, as a result of nitrogen being added to the alloy.

Dur RU

Dur RU is a steel tube filled with fused tungsten carbides. The weld deposit contains a high amount of tungsten carbides embedded in a steel matrix. The extraordinary hardness of the fused tungsten carbides (WSC) of approx. 2300 HV imply the high build-up wear resistance. It is a dip-coated electrode suitable for electrical welding on AC as well as on DC. The carbon content of the base metal should not exceed 0,45 % in order to avoid lack of fusion.


Dur 49

Rutile Fe, Cr, Co and Mo based elektotrode with high hot wear resistance, tensile strenght and a high resistence against sliding wear of metallic objects.

It has a good retention of hardness up to 650°C and is non scaling up to 900° C thermo shock resistant and resistant to sudden changes of temperature.

Work hardening. Not crack sensible.
The number of layers can be done as necessary. The deposit can beadditionally treated with cutting tools.

Dur 600 AC

The electrode has a soft but intensive welding character, a fine-structured seam surface and excellent slag-removal properties


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